A speaking game 

to become fluent 

Globers is a fun game that connects you to a partner 

to improve your speaking skills. 

15 days free trial then 7,99$/month

You are connected to a partner through a phone call.

Both of you practice the same language.

Help your teammate discovering a word. Some obvious words are not allowed to say.

Win points and reach differents levels.

You naturally improve while playing a game.




A taboo game to speak a foreign language with a partner

Wherever you want, whenever you want

You don't need to plan courses with a teacher or a partner. Practice the language that you want anywhere and anytime

Little steps everyday to become fluent

The secret to success is to be consistent. Play a few games(5-10 minutes) everyday and you will progress quickly !

Adapted to your level

At each steps of your journey, you evolve with partners at your level. The barrier of shyness falls and you will be totally confident.

Connected to the world

You are connected to people from around the world. The wealth of exchanges and accents feeds your culture.

Taboo game makes you improve. It's scientifically proven

A study shows that people using taboo to speak a new language improve their skills faster than an other group. Here, the study: http://ejournal.uki.ac.id/index.php/jdp/article/download/taboo%20game%3B%20speaking%20skill/64/

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